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March 15th, 2018
Bill Faust- Wee Heavy
Terry Ostrander- Saison, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Wit
Peter Fantigrossi
Mark Panfil
George Fastpitch- Bells Two Hearted Clone
Joe Sullivan
Scott Koprevich- Wee Heavy
Todd Kruszka
Ralph Stuart- NEIPA
Scott Panfil
Jeff Offhaus- Stout, IPA, Oktoberfest
Ryan Collins

Meeting 8:00
-Beerology- Adding George to waitlist. Anyone who can’t make it, please let me know.

We need:
Distilled or RO water (15-20 gallons)
Gypsum (I can bring)
Table Salt
Epsom Salt
Calcium Chloride
Baking Soda
Chalk (CaCO3)

-Brew at the Bison Tentative June 9th. More details as we get closer

-Hamm and Fattey April 11th
This is a Wednesday. Brew whatever you’d like. Judging by the public on the 11th. The most popular beer will be brewed at Windy Brew as a club and then served at Hamm & Fattey.

Everyone in attendance the last two meetings have been receptive to the idea of $10/year dues from each member. With 30-40 members, this is enough to pay for materials for events (like beerology). Sully has been nominated as treasurer. Anyone else who would like to volunteer or nominate should raise their hand please.

-Brew Day at Pete’s- Summer
Peter Fantigrossi has volunteered his place for a brew day in the summer. He has a pool.

-Next meeting is April 11th at Hamm & Fattey
-Tour of Flying Bison. Possibly April 26th
Terry Ostrander has a free tour of Flying Bison for up to 20 people. We’re looking at April 26th as a possible date.